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Our achievements, values, history

Myroslav Voloshyn
"We assist in making business transparent and manageable"
Myroslav Voloshyn, founder of "Voloshyn" LLC

Company brief

VOLOSHYN Company was founded in 2001 and at the same time established itself among the market leaders of automation of accounting and business management. Today VOLOSHYN Company is among the Top 15 companies according to All-Ukrainian Union of automation business rating. “NATIONAL BUSINESS RATING” Agency has put the company into the list of ten IT Companies of Ukraine by indexes of financial and economic activity and ranked it on the 1-st place in the region due to production volumes and solvency.

Voloshyn Company has successfully implemented more than 1000 projects for a number of enterprises in the following fields: electricity, instrument and mechanical engineering, agriculture, mining, construction, wholesale and retail trade, distribution, food industry, metallurgy, textiles, transport, telecommunications, education, health care, tourism and others.

The following companies are our key customers: Ukraine the biggest hydro-generating company PJSC “UKRHYDROENERGO”, joint Ukraine-Germany pharmaceutical products venture “NATURPRODUKT-VEGA”, joint Japan-Germany venture “SUMITOMO ELECTRIC BORDNETZE UKRAINE”, German company “DOHLER” subsidiary - “DINTER UKRAINE SKALA”, Ukrainian affiliate of the Austrian company “Billerbeck “ -“Billerbeck Ukraine”, holding company “MONSTERA INVEST”, joint Ukraine-Czech Republic venture “DOBRA VODA”, one of the biggest Ukraine’s agricultural companies “AGROSEM”, agro-holding company “VITAGRO”, I. Ya. Horbachevsky TERNOPIL NATIONAL MEDICAL UNIVERSITY, and many others.

Quality management system of Voloshyn LLC has been certified according to the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015.

The company activity can be divided into the following equally important areas:

  • Automation of management and accounting of the companies;
  • Software design and development;
  • Training courses;
  • Financial, HR and IT consulting;
  • Information Systems Maintenance;

However, according to our ideology there are no clear boundaries between the indicated areas; consultants, software developers and experts in the field of enterprise management automation work as a team and modern technological platform is a reliable foundation for applied solutions of the company.

Company mission: we assist in making your business transparent and manageable.

In our work we follow these principles:

  • customer satisfaction through early and uninterrupted supply of software;
  • positive attitude to changing of requirements, even at late stages of design (this may enhance the competitiveness of the resulting product);
  • frequent supply of operating software (monthly/ weekly / in some cases even more frequent)
  • close, daily customer-developer communication during the project;
  • projects are carried out by motivated specialists who are provided with the support, reliance, and the conditions needed for high quality work;
  • we prefer to exchange information by means of personal (face-to-face) communication;
  • operating software is the best measuring device of the progress;
  • sponsors, developers and users should be able to maintain a sustainable pace for the indefinite period;
  • continuous improvement of technical skills;
  • continuous work on usability;
  • simplicity is the art of not-doing of unnecessary work;
  • self-organized teams are the teams sticking to the best technical requirements, design and architecture;
  • constant adaptation to the changing requirements;

All the above-mentioned principles correspond to Agile-technology that was taken as the basis of project management performed by VOLOSHYN Company.

Competencies, qualifications and statuses

We always work on development of our competencies in order to provide quality services for our customers. All specialists of the company have been chosen according to all the requirements, they are obliged to improve their knowledge constantly and they are certified by the relevant authorities.

So far we have received the following certificates:

  • Accounting and taxation management – 49 certificates;
  • Payroll and personnel management – 27 certificates;
  • Docflow – 1 certificate;
  • Budgeting - 4 certificates;
  • IFRS - 1 certificate;
  • Consolidation - 5 certificates;
  • Manufacturing company management – 11 certificates;
  • Project Management - 3 certificates;
  • Technological platform -36 certificates;
  • Trade management – 43 certificates.

VOLOSHYN Company is a certified consultant of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in IT consulting and, what is more, has the following statuses:

  • Manufacturing Competence Centre;
  • Consulting certified partner;
  • Customer support centre;
  • Certification training centre;
  • Trade competence centre;
  • ERP centre candidate.

The company key professionals

Myroslav Voloshyn
Founder and Director
Mariia Voloshyn
Financial and Administrative Director
Maksym Beliakov
Head of Production Department
Andrii Oleksiuk
Head of Sales Department
Yurii Khalimon
Head of “Customer support centre”
Oleksandr Shandruk
Head of Projects department
Victoriia Hankevych
Quality System Manager
Volodymyr Kutsan
Head of corporate clients support group